Finding leadership where it isn’t

As we grow older it is our job to lead.  However, when do we start to step aside and let new generations start teaching.  Throughout a typical college career you are only capable of being a leader in a fraternity for two years.  For some of us, you only had one year in a leadership role due to living out of the fraternity house.  Since we aren’t having that second year we are faced with an unusual and difficult task.  Finding replacements who are not exactly ready for the position.  Is that a group failure on all those who are in leadership roles now? Or is that a personal failure on those that should be stepping up?

  I believe that it is failure on behalf of those in charge.  We conducted ourselves in a manner that crippled those below us. We felt that we were so organized and productive by doing everything on our own that it created a dependancy upon us.  The younger guys had no room nor initiative to work on improving themselves.  This has been shown this year with the lack of preparedness, advancement, and production that the chapter has seen under the last group of leaders.  This is what defines a good leader, it’s not only what you can develop when in charge but how easily your work can be duplicated once you are gone.

    So, where do we go from here?  Our method right now is to coach our replacements with out crippling them.  We are reminding them of deadlines and giving them ways they can improve their position.  One skill set that we possesed that the current leaders does not is time management.  Time is valuable in the fraternal world because not only are you balancing school work and a social life but you must manage those lives around you.  Overall, if I was to recruit a recent graduate to work for me I would look for some form of leadership on their resume and if they were a leader in a greek house (that produced results, i.e. Grades, community service, and philanthropy) then they would have a hand up on the rest of the candidates.

Attached is a great article about how you can prove your worth as a fraternal leader.

Fraternity Leaders – Don’t Just Do What is Expected


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